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Jill Dyson Music Angel Street

Music on Religion

Jill Dyson is a famous musician and songwriter that supports a ministry called Angel Street. Although not Zoroastrian in nature, she does hold to be an important influence on others in a good way that BPP agrees with completely. Anyone who is attempting to gain relevant information as to how they should act and treat one another would recognize others that stand for the same thing. Jill Dyson is one of these types of people that stand for peace.

No matter the religion, no matter what God or Gods people follow – what matters is that they treat others the way they’d like to be treated – with kindness, compassion and respect. All over the place there are people hating one another based on religion alone and not their core beliefs. If a lot of these people started only listening to one another rather than share the same “stories” over and over again that may or may not be 100% true; they’d understand that we all want the same thing. The goal with religion is to live a great life on this planet and be in harmony as much as we possibly can. Anyone who stands for the same thing knows that the world would be a better place if everyone knew this and behaved in a way to make it happen.

The specifics in each religion varies from each and every single one. The main point is, if anyone’s God is going to reward GOOD people with paradise, it doesn’t matter if those people understood the specifics on the people that are involved in their stories. What matters is that we all learn the same thing, and become good people respecting one another, even with different religions. Having arguments about who’s story is the truth or the right one is absolutely ridiculous to the main goal God has in plan for us all. It’s the opposite of what God wants. Music is a great way to bring this message to others while impacting millions of people. Those who are truly “Christian”, “Zoroastrian”, “Mormon”, etc. would all understand that God wants us all to be in harmony and at peace; and they would spread the word of THIS concept – rather than the constant recycling of specific details of stories within holy books.